Let me repeat this once more: You are so enough!

Have you ever felt like you are not enough? My guess is you probably have. Maybe not good enough to get a certain job or degree? Not rich enough? For women especially it is about their appearance. Not beautiful enough? Not thin enough? The list could go on and on. I believe this feeling of not being good enough is one many of us can relate to even if we feel it for different reasons.

So why do we feel like we’re not good enough? Where does this feeling come from?

I think there are a few reasons why we feel like we’re not good enough. The feeling of not being good enough is rooted in our culture.


We live in a money culture. We have attached so much meaning to money. Money lost it’s innocence and is not just a trading tool anymore. Companies put profits over everything. Money is more worth than a human life. People get exploited for money. Nature gets destroyed for money.

We tend to believe that we always need to acquire the next big thing to live a happy and fullfiled life. The next big thing is very likely attached to money. My house is not big enough, my car is not big enough, I don’t have enough money, I need more money to acquire all these things to live a happy and fullfilled life.
Another thing is the busyness culture. We associate busyness with being successful. Which means if we’re super busy and get everything done we’ll feel accomplished and successful and therefore happy and fullfilled. We have our to-do-lists and we try hard to be able to cross everything off that list. We want to show everyone that we have it all together, that we can do all the things. That we’re good enough. At the end of the day when we’re lying in our bed it usually comes the feeling of “I didn’t do enough during the day” I wasn’t able to do everything which was on my to-do-list, so I didn’t accomplish enough.

This mindset of I don’t have enough and I didn’t do enough leaves us feeling that we’re not enough.

Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising use this fact for their strategy to sell us products. They feed into the problem by always telling us we are missing something to feel good. They want to make us believe that by buying a certrain car we would feel accomplished and successful. Or they tell us that a cream would make us look younger, more beautiful and therefore happier. They want to make us believe that we’re lacking something and that by buying their goods and buying more we would feel better.

Social media

Social media didn’t really make it better either. Especially since companies are now using social media more and more to sell their products it has gotten worse. Companies use influencers on social media to sell their products through them. Many influencers therefore carefully select what they put on social media. It is about clicks, likes, followers and views. So they tend to show us their supposedly perfect life. They post pictures of their beautifully arranged and spotless homes or themselves perfectly dressed, always looking relaxed of course. We then think that they where able to acquire everything. They seem so happy in their pictures. Because we tend to compare ourselves to others it doesn’t make us feel good to see these perfectly arranged pictures. Comparing us to other people who are not really showing their whole story leaves us feeling like we are not good enough.

So now what?

It is obvious that our mindset of more is better didn’t really make us happier and it’s an illusion to assume that by always trying to acquire the next step we might get to the point where we finally feel happy and fullfilled, worthy and good enough. Maybe we were looking somewhere for happiness and validation where we really can not find it? While it is true that not having enough money to live your life can make you unhappy, it is also true that having more money or more material possessions than you need won’t make you happier a having a more fullfilled life.
I truly believe the answer to this problem lies within us.


The problem is our mindset. The beliefs that are rooted deep in our money culture. The antidote to this is awareness. You can change your mindset by making yourself aware of your own beliefs about something. We are so used to our thoughts and we rarely try tro change them. Most of the time our mindset runs on autopilot.

Question your thoughts

Our mindset runs on autopilot and we’re not making ourselves aware of our thoughts. Therefore we’re also not questioning our thoughts and beliefs about something. We accept them as true facts which inhibits change and therefore our own growth. Instead we could question our thoughts and beliefs.

There’s nothing wrong about wanting a pair of shoes or wanting to buy something. It becomes problematic if we attach our own happiness to the belief that buying more and having more money makes us happier. We are the creators of our life. We have the ability to change how we want to feel. Ask yourself what truly makes you happy and then do or create more of that. And always remember:

You are SO enough!



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