Who loves dessert? Who loves snacks? Who loves chocolate? I do, I do, I do!
My kids do too but they don’t like the “healthy” tasting stuff. Since I am all for nutritious and nourishing food which makes me feel amazing, I thought there has to be a way I can still have treats without having to deal with sugar crashes. I want my kids to eat nutritious food too and I know my kids love snacks. So healthy snacks even my kids like sounded perfect to me. We just love a good treat here! Because of that I am constantly browsing the Internet for healthy snack recipes which are kid friendly too.
Today I want to share 5 of our favorites. I have a feeling there’ll be even more recipes in some future blogposts 😉

No-bake fudgy chocolate cake bites

These do not only sound delicious, they ARE in fact! If you do not like baking, try this recipe from Minimalist Baker instead. Just throw the ingredients into your food processor, form little cake bites, put them into the freezer for a little bit and voilà, you have super yummy cake balls. It is so easy! If you want to you can glaze them, roll them in cacao powder, shredded coconut or sprinkles. My kids just love them and I don’t have to feel bad about giving them some because they’re filled with nutrition! Making this recipe I’ve always skipped the coconut flour (because I don’t have it at home) and used more almond flour instead. You can also use any kind of milk if you don’t have coconut cream (or don’t like it). Another thing I love about these cake balls is that they’re super customizable. I also made them with honey instead of maple syrup, figs instead of dates and peanut butter or protein powder instead of cacao before and each time they turned out great.

4 ingredients Honey Mama’s chocolate

Do you know the Honey Mama’s chocolate bars? They are made here in Portland Oregon. Once they handed out samples at a local grocery store. Man, that was good chocolate! Then I saw the price tag, uuggghh. Definitely more of a treat for special occasions. I was so excited when I found this recipe online. It is super simple to make and the end result is just so good. It has the same heavenly rich and creamy consistency that just melts in your mouth. So good! You only need 4 ingredients to make it: cacao powder, coconut butter, coconut oil, honey and optional a pinch of salt. I added some vanilla too, which makes it a total of 6 ingredients.

Black bean brownies

Sadly I don’t have a photo right now but as soon as I make some I’ll take a photo and put it in the blogpost. This black bean brownie started it all. It was the first healthy dessert/snack recipe that I’ve tried and it has become a favorite ever since. I am still so fascinated by the fact that you can hide a can of beans in a yummy treat! But let me tell you one thing, if you’re kids are not into beans, don’t tell them. My oldest once found out about my secret ingredient and now won’t eat it anymore. Even though they are still the same rich, chocolatey, fudgy brownies. Dang it!

Chocolate avocado muffins

Well, after the black bean brownies became a no go for my oldest I had to find an alternative. Let me introduce you to: chocolate avocado muffins. My oldest isn’t into avocados either but I won’t tell her (tricky me ;-)). She loves these muffins and for a good reason. They are moist, rich and chocolatey (I said it again). These muffins are vegan, gluten free, paleo and keto approved according to the recipe. They also contain just 5 ingredients (can you guess I have a thing for easy recipes?). They also freeze well. Another winner, for sure!

Milky way bars

I so wish I had a photo of these here in this blogpost, also because that I’d possibly have these in my freezer right now. These milky way bars are a huge hit here. They are gluten free and vegan and I just know I have to make them again soon. My oldest already asked me a couple times which is a good sign in this case 😉 These bars are such an indulgent treat but with much much better ingredients than you’re regular milky way bar.

I hope you found some chocolatey 😉 yummy inspiration in this blogpost!



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